Virtual Reality & The Future of Art History: Classrooms, Museums, and Heritage Sites

Virtual Reality (VR) is often in the news today, but is it just a gimmick? Is it being used effectively in liberal arts colleges, in museums, and at heritage sites? The three panelists will discuss their experiences, challenges, and hopes for VR within their fields. What kind of careers does VR offer in this area? Then, they will open the floor for questions from the audience.

Speakers: Kaelin Jewell (Barnes Collection, Philadelphia, PA)
Anthony Masinton (Buildings Archaeologist Heritage Sites)
David Neville (Grinnell College, Immersive Experiences Lab, Iowa)
Presider: Jon Chun, Digital Humanities, Kenyon College

After the panel discussion, talk further with the panelists and explore the interior of the Chapter House at Westminster Abbey and other sites using the latest VR headsets.

Generously sponsored by the Mesaros Fund, the Art History Department and the following departments and programs at Kenyon College: Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, IPHS, Mathematics, Neuroscience, and special funding from the Gund Gallery, the Career Development Office, and the Center for Innovative Pedagogy