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Barker Newhall Photographic Collection

Barker Newhall (1867-1924), Professor of Greek at Kenyon College, taught one of the first art history and archaeology classes at Kenyon in 1897. The Barker Newhall Photographic Collection is a vast array of photographs pertaining to Greco-Roman architecture and sculpture.

Blick-Harris Study Collection

The Blick-Harris Study Collection, housed in the Department of Art History, includes over 1,400 objects that date from antiquity to the present day.

Denis Baly Image Collection

Denis Baly (1913–1987) was Lecturer in Political Science (1954–1956) and Professor of Religion (1964–1983) at Kenyon College. His photograph collection documents monuments in the Levant, North Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Zhou Yan Contemporary Chinese Art Archive

Constructed from the Contemporary Chinese Art Collection of Dr. ZHOU Yan, these materials record a vibrant and important period in the development of Contemporary Chinese Art.

Banner Image: detail from Filippo Vasconi, Veduta della Chiesa Ducale di San Marco, 20th century reproduction of an original from 1720. Blick-Harris Study Collection; Long-term Loan from the Estate of Boris Blick, 2015.75. https://digital.kenyon.edu/arthistorystudycollection/74/